Radiodetection Sensors & Software LMX150 Findar Ground Penetrating Radar GPR


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This is a Brand New Radiodetection Sensors & Software LMX150 Findar Ground Penetrating Radar GPR.

Our Sensors & Software LMX150 FINDAR®  is a compact, high resolution utility locating system for your locating and mapping needs.

LMX150 FINDAR® GPR complements traditional pipe and cable locators and allows you to locate targets below the surface such as:

  • Metal utilities, including pipes and cables
  • Non-metallic pipes, including PVC and asbestos cement
  • Concrete storm and sewer systems
  • Utilities where installed tracer wiring has failed
  • Underground storage tanks and drainage tiles
  • Septic system components
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Non-utility structures such as vaults, foundation walls and concrete pads
  • Share directly from your display unit with built-in Wi-Fi. Option to add data markers to highlight points of interest.

    USB port

    A USB port allowing for easy data transfer for further data analysis.

    Lightweight build

    A lightweight fiberglass cart frame build making transportation easy. No metal in the build reduces interference with GPR signals.

    Lead acid gel battery

    A long lasting and swappable battery.

    GPR Sensor

    Patented ultra-wideband (UWB) 250 MHz GPR antenna and DynaT for dynamic target enhancement.

    LMX100 Brochure

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