Radiodetection S13 Sonde Kit 33kHz 13mm


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Small Conduit and Duct Sonde – 13mm

S13: (13mm) diameter sonde for narrow ducts and conduits.

The S13 Super Small Sonde is designed to be used for tracing the paths of non-metallic pipes, ducts, sewers and drains, and in the precise location of blockages and collapses.

The S13 sonde transmits a locate frequency at 33kHz, making it compatible with most Radiodetection Cable and Pipe locators, including the RD8100 Precision Locator range and the C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool range.

Telecoms industry

With an ever increasing demand for telecommunications, utility companies are increasing the utilization of existing ducts by inserting more and more fibre and metallic cables, resulting in ducts becoming more crowded. The S13 sonde, with a diameter of ?? (12.7mm) is designed to pass through such narrow channels, enabling field technicians to detect and trace their path.

Smaller diameter ducts are often used to install fiber optic cables to homes and businesses. To check for blockages along the duct, the S13 sonde can be jetted or blown through the duct, making the S13 sonde ideal for applications where size restricts the use of larger sondes.

HVAC and water industries

With a diameter of only ?? (12.7 mm), and a short working length of 2.7? (68 mm, with plain end cap), the S13 sonde is designed to pass through narrow pipes and ducts, and can traverse more bends and corners than bigger sonde options. This makes the S13 an ideal tool for tracing non-metallic water pipes, ventilation ducts and drains, both in buildings and buried underground.


The S13 sonde is supplied as a kit containing the S13 sonde body, an M10 threaded male end cap, plain end cap with eyelet, 2 ? batteries and case. An optional pack of 10 batteries is also available.

* performance may vary dependent on local conditions

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