Radiodetection RD312 Metal Detector Locator


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The RD312 locator sets a new standard of simplicity and
reliability for finding valve box covers, vault covers, fuel
tanks, reinforced rods in concrete (rebar) and manhole
covers, buried under road surfaces, gravel, grass or snow.

The RD312 metal cover locator
reduces time wasted looking for
lost or buried covers and is the
right choice for speeding up site
work and achieving fast payback.
The RD312 automatically adjusts
its sensitivity to suit its local
operating environment. It can be
used near metal fences and even
under parked cars, with no loss
of accuracy.
l Easy two button operation, ON/RESET and OFF.
l Automatic sensitivity adjustment for peak performance.
l Telescopic design allows user adjustment for comfort
and easy storage.
l Variable audio tone indicates presence of buried object.
l Adjustable search head angle.
l Waterproof search head allows use in shallow water.
l Lightweight and easy to operate.
l Ignores small items such as coins and cans.
l No interference from passing vehicles.

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