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Radiodetection PCM Plus + Pipeline Cable Integrity Current Mapper Locator and Transmitter PCM+

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Fast locate and effective measurement of pipeline coating defects. Locate and accurately find buried pipes, establish centerline depth, then troubleshoot coating defects. Data upload via Bluetooth® link to PDA/PC for real time logging with GPS. Stores up to 1000 PCM and Location measurements in Flash memory.


(1) New PCM+ locator.

The hand held locator unit is used to locate the pipeline, even in heavily congested areas such as conduits, and then provides the operator with a measurement of depth current strength and signal direction applied by the transmitter to quickly pinpoint corrosion related problems.The locator makes the required calculations and instantaneously displays the results. This provides the operator with an improved method that accurately troubleshoots the CP system by pinpointing metallic contacts and locating areas of coating defects.

(1) New PCM-tx Transmitter.

The PCM+ system’s specialized constant current high-power transmitter allows for long range signal detection of up to 30km (19 miles). Significantly fewer pipeline connection points are needed thereby reducing the time required to evaluate a section of pipeline. The transmitter has three operating modes that enable both distribution and transmission pipeline systems to be effectively mapped.Connecting the PCM+ is straightforward, and the transmitter’s current reading display and power indicating LED’s help the operator to choose the best settings for the specific pipeline application.


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