Radiodetection Flexrod for Sondes


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The Flexrod reel holds 197′ or 394′ (60m or 120m) fibreglass rod used for tracing pipes and ducting etc. The rod is used to propel Radiodetection sondes which can be located and traced with a Radiodetection locator or Cable Avoidance Tool.

Radiodetection Flexrods are used for inserting and pushing Radiodetection Sondes into and along pipes, drains and sewers etc. When used with a Radiodetection locator, flexrods can be used for tracing the path of the pipe or for locating blockages within. Alternatively the flexrod can be used to pull or thread draw strings/cables through ducts and pipes.
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Flexrod 50M (164’), Flexrod 80M (263’), Flexrod 50m (164’), Flexrod 100m (328’), Flexrod 150m (492’), Flexrod 60m (197’), Flexrod 120m (394’), Flexrod 300m (984’)

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