Radiodetection Flexitrace, Tx-Energised Pushrod


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Radiodetection’s FlexiTrace is a flexible rod containing conducting wires running the full length of the rod, with a transmitting sonde at the end and inserted into pipes and ducts where size restricts the use of larger diameter sondes or Flexrods. When used with a Radiodetection locator and transmitter, the FlexiTrace can be used to trace the line of the pipe or to locate blockages and collapses.

Available with a rod diameter of 5mm (0.2″) and lengths of up to 80m (263′) the FlexiTrace can be used to pinpoint the location of a blockage or used to trace the entire route of the pipe.

When using a Tx-5 or Tx-10 transmitter, some power restrictions apply.

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10/TRACE50 – 164'(50m), 10/TRACE80 – 260’ (80m)

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