Radiodetection 6100-Cu Smarter Copper Network Tester


Radiodetection sells its products thru a network of distributors. We are proud to be one of their authorized distributors located in Miami, FL. We are authorized to sell their full line of products, accessories and services anywhere in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and all of Latin America! By purchasing one of these products from us you agree that you are located within the territories that we service and that you are not already working with another distributor in the dealer network.

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The 6100-Cu is designed for the
installation, maintenance and repair of
voice and DSL circuits. Its easy-to-use
menus, rugged design and small form
factor make it the ideal tool for network
technicians. The large, color, touch-
screen display and multiple connection
options add to its ease of use and the
optional TDR and RFL/K-test allow
service providers to scale the product
based on existing or new methods and
With the 6100-Cu, the testing process
is highly automated, enabling
technicians to close jobs off quickly and

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