Demo Impulse Radar PinPointR GPR Ground Penetrating Radar Complete w/ Tablet


This is a Demo condition unit (very light usage) that comes as seen in picture w/ tablet

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Detect , Avoid & Map underground utilities. The PinPointR has been developed to maximize in-field productivity by utilizing ImpulseRadar’s innovative real-time sampling (RTS) dual-channel antenna technology, which provides incredible bandwidth, speed, and resolution, all controlled via an intuitive Android-driven user interface.

The ImpulseRadar PinPointR offers a clear and dependable way to quickly and easily locate, avoid or map underground utilities with the functionality required to meet approved industry standards, whilst offering market-leading performance and data quality.

The PinPointR GPR system from Impulse Radar provides best-in-class performance, ease-of-use interface, and unparalleled value to the entire utility locating industry. The PinPointR GPR cart features a dual-channel radar antenna, i.e., 400MHz (LF) and 800MHz (HF), and features RTS technology (Real-time sampling), providing enhanced bandwidth and superior resolution. Real-time sampling (RTS) gathers more data faster, substantially lowering the system noise floor, effectively increasing signal penetration and resolution. As a result, the PinPointR is the perfect GPR cart for locating deeper utility targets with maximum depth penetration or near-surface utility targets, even in the most challenging soil conditions. In addition, the PinPointR easily outperforms all other systems, especially older single channel GPR’s.

Features include: ViewPoint mapping, ease-of-use operation, dual channel radar antenna (400/800MHz), (RTS) Real-time sampling technology, a composite weather antenna cover, light weight folding cart, large off-road wheels, fully wireless Android tablet operation, *Ruggedized Tablet 10.1″/TFT, MIL-STD-81DG and IP68 rated, accurate built-in GPS (also accepts optional external RTK-GNSS), provides automatic utility report generation which verifies site visit & ticket sign-off, long lasting Li-Ion battery (7-hour) and 2-year warranty.

Available options include: EMLID Reach RS2 Multi-band RTK GNSS receiver, External GPS Mounting kit, Samsung Tab Active Pro ruggedized tablet, Spare Li-Ion battery & charger, CrossPoint PC Visualization software, Pelican Tablet case, Light-duty Transport case and Heavy duty military style PolyethyleneTransport case.

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